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Used Wii Games for 1 PS2 game
chibi ashri

So I have six used games up for sale. All of these games are GUARANTEED to play. There are no scratches on the discs and the covers are in pretty good and even excellent condition.

Nintendo Wii = Wii Music: $20.00 + ($5 shipping)
Nintendo Wii = Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games: $15.00 + ($5 shipping)
Nintendo Wii = Sonic Riders Zero Gravity: $15 + ($5 shipping)
Nintendo Wii = My Sims: $15 + ($5 shipping)
Nintendo Wii = Pirates of the Carribean at Worlds End: $15 + ($5 shipping)

PS2 = Naruto Ultimate Ninja: $15 + ($5 shipping)

If you need me to hold on to something that is no problem, and if you wish to bargain that's alright too, I'm don't really sell many things so I'm not too awesome at this kind of thing. Or if you want more than one game I'm more than welcome to give you a "discount" of sorts.

Paypal only at this time Shipping only in the United States Thanks for looking!


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