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Harvest Moon Wii Icons
fosters - bloo and chuck
I started getting interested in the Harvest Moon Tree of Tranquility game for the Nintendo wii, and then found that another Harvest Moon game was going to be released this fall, Animal Parade (or Exciting Animal March). The artwork really drew me to the game, i have yet to purchase it, wanting to wait for the release of the Animal Parade vers.
Anyhoo, after finding artwork from the game, i went a little crazy with making icons. But I thought some came out nice, especially after applying textures.
Hope you guys like them, if so let me know :3 Please feel free to use as a base and what not, crediting is always nice <3

x35 Bachelorettes
x37 Bachelors
x51 Main characters/artwork
x123 Total Icons







Main Character

And that's all of them :3 took me a long time to make, so time consuming. So i hope someone enjoys them <3 The icon textures i got off from Deviantart, the images themselves from Google and Harvest Moon Wiki.Sorry that I forgot to number them.

Please feel free to use <3


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These win!

I grabbed a couple of the Jin icons and female MC icons. :D Will credit of course.

I'm glad you liked them :3

Ahh! I wish I could use all of them!!!
They're so cute!! Taking, um, all and finally putting my premium LJ accounts to good use. x3

Wow, these are adorable! I grabbed a few of them and will credit.

Eee, I just can't get over how cute Jin is! <3

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